Hoosier Times

Jacobs School faculty pianist Jean-Louis Haguenauer spent three years planning, preparing and then performing for a just-issued, four-CD release, "Claude Debussy Melodies Integrale," which contains more than 100 songs, meaning all of them, and about five hours of music.

The devoted Debussy specialist, who previously recorded the composer's piano music, takes loving care of the keyboard in this set; he does so, not so incidentally, on the composer's piano.
As for the singers, Haguenauer chose five to handle that responsibility, and good choices, all French, they turn out to be: sopranos Liliana Faragon and Magali Leger, mezzo-soprano Marie Ange Todorovitch, tenor Gilles Ragon, and baritone Francois Le Roux. Most of the songs were written when Debussy was in his early to mid-20s. They more than hint at the promise in his future and at the contributions he would make as pioneer of musical Impressionism.
One hears some exquisite work by a pianist and French vocalists fervent about the music. I expected no less from Haguenauer; he does not disappoint. (Ligia)

Peter Jacobi (Hoosier Times) heraldtimesonline.com