REPERTOIRE / Debussy, Préludes

"Questions of obvious virtuoso playing aside, there is also room to enjoy the great thought that went into the interpretation.

The concern for scrupulously respecting the score down to its minutest detail is particularly pleasant, even more so if reading it at the same time (an acid test that many Debussy interpretations, and famous ones at that, find hard to satisfy). Having said that, the very literal reading does not go hand in hand with exaggerated rigour. But all that's vague and evasive – often used to put the soft focus on amateurish playing and lack of inspiration when Debussy is concerned – seem judiciously avoided here. With each bar, like a Michelangeli, Haguenauer seems to be pointing out how much he loathes Debussy being subjected to deliquescent interpretations."

Laurent Barthel